"A Truck Wrap is only as accurate as the template used in the process"                                 -       ---Wrap One Graphics Team


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Why Truck Wraps: Truck Wraps are an awesome way to market and promote a business.  It's been done by all companies at some point, big and small.  A constant advertisement that never gets turn off, truck wraps are ads that demands attention.   At the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising like TV, Radio, Billboards and printed mailers.  

A Wrap That Demands Attention: This does not mean you wrap needs to be loud and with bright color.  Demand attention of the right audience is what we are saying.  A properly design message will be more effective than simply visual noise.

Less Is More: When it come to truck wraps less is more.  Since the audience only has a few seconds to see the ad and gather information, the message needs to be stimulating visually. The  text engaging,  brief and direct.


This is a service utility truck: This truck was wrapped and design with the idea of creating a company presence the moment the truck would pull up to the job site.  You can get a free template of this truck by clicking on the download button.  If you need a custom template of your truck contact us today. by calling 714-381-2600.